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Fresh roasted coffee loves to take naps.

We typically let our beans rest for 3 days before shipping so that it's ready to enjoy by the time it arrives at your door. We find that our coffee opens up and tastes best after day 7-8.

Brew your way.

Coffee is a personal ritual, so be true to yourself and know that there's no wrong way to brew coffee! 

If you need general guidelines for an amazing cup, our coffees are optimized at a 1:16 brew ratio – that's 1 gram coffee to 16 grams water. For a 10oz cup of coffee, that would be roughly 18g (4 tsp) of ground coffee. This goes for pour over or batch brew.

For espresso, we like a 1:2 ratio. 19-20 grams of coffee with a shot output of 38-40g pulled over 22 seconds.

Cool it down.

While a tongue searing cup of hot coffee may be up your alley, you'll find that sweet notes begin to shine as the cup cools.

We tend to perceive flavors better the closer something is to our body temp, so sip and savor to get the full flavor profile!

Brew Guide

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