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The hunt for the best beans to roast is a never ending journey.  Which beans articulate sweetness, complexity, and body? How does that translate into a blend? Does the farm engage in sustainable practices? Who's gonna walk the dog and why is he always laughing at us?  All important questions.


In bean hunt, we've curated a blend of two amazing coffees. Costa Rica Santa Maria de Dota lends a caramelized dark chocolate sweetness  balanced by hints of juicy raspberry. Situated high up in the foothills of Mount Kenya on rich volcanic soil, Kenya Kirinyaga brings lively fruit notes such as mandarin orange and tangerine with a touch of honey. Together these coffees produce a versatile brew with unique fruit character and resonant sweetness. Try it as an espresso shot, where its 3 for 3 - no Zapper required!


Countries: Costa Rica, Kenya

Roast: Medium-Dark


Bean Hunt // Costa Rica x Kenya

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