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And Craft Coffee's Pourta Packs (8) are great for those who like to bring their coffee with them but don't have the space or patience for their ceramic dripper.


A nice wide opening makes it easy to pour grinds into it while the side tabs hold onto the rim of your cup. The brewing basket creates a bed of grinds that requires a careful pour in order to consistently wet your grinds and control extraction time. 


Each Pak contains 16g of fresh roasted ground coffee and a Japanese Kalita Kantan filter. Perfect for a 10oz cup of coffee.


All single origin and coffee blends are available as Pourta Paks.


Brewing Tips

  • Fill the Kalita basket with the included coffee grinds.
  • Slowly pour hot water (~200º) onto the coffee in a controlled circular motion.
  • Fill to the Kalita brim and allow for 20 seconds of "bloom" and extraction.
  • Begin pouring hot water slowly again in a circular motion until you achieve about 10oz of brewed coffee.


Pourta Pak Single Serve (8)

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